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We work from different

parts of the world with

design, innovation and

sustainability in mind.

We work from different parts of the world with design and innovation in mind.

I’m Danielle Strijdhaftig, founder of design consultancy StrijdHaftig. The name, pronounced as Stride Haftig, loosely means ‘combat-ready’ and¬†shows I’m always ready to take on a challenge.

I believe the world can be significantly improved, by eliminating the need for unnecessary work, thereby preserving resources for future generations. 

My intent is to one day enjoy old age knowing I made as many improvements to the world as I possibly could and had a terrific time doing it.

I graduated from the Delft University of Technology, with a master’s degree in Information Technology. I worked in tech for several years, starting in web design and moving on to IT management.

When I realized I was most passionate about user-centric design, I made a change.

Today, I am an emerging self-taught design strategist using everything I’ve learned so far to work on web projects for green tourism ventures.

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