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I enjoy clarifying problems and designing solutions,
and I’m always happy to join teams working on cool projects.



1) Tweaking, the act of making subtle improvements to machines.
2) Tweaking, fine-tuning or adjusting a complex system. Tweaks are any small modifications intended to improve a system.

I best describe myself as a tweaker, the world being my workbench. Give me anything, any existing thing, a website, a shoe, a customer service process, and 3 days, and I will tell you how to make it better. It can need a tiny modification or a complete redesign, but you’ll know exactly what the problem is and why the new solution will fix it.

To be clear, I don’t make things from scratch. A blank canvas is my worst enemy. I’m hopelessly lost on it. I’m not creative like that. But just anything to start with, and I’m off.








Some books I've read and recommend.

Unlimited has three sections. The first section is on figuring out your passion. Figured out mine in 3 days while reading this book. Also highly recommend the audiobook because her voice and reading style are very pleasant.

Brain Rules pleasantly explains the latest research on the human brain. Learn how your brain does and does not work. Forget what you knew, find out what we know now.

Picked up The One Thing at an airport for some quick reading. What a great purchase this was. The intro alone was worth its weight in gold. I still use the principles in this book everyday, focusing on the one thing I can do that day to make everything else easier or unnecessary.